We’ve been using Ardmore Pediatrics for 3.5 years (since our son was 1) - we’ve been very happy with the care we’ve received from Dr. King. They have a great bedside manner with our son, and take the time to explain things to him and to us. We’ve never had a problem getting seen, and have always received prompt return calls when using the emergency after-hours calling system. We have even received unprompted follow-up calls from the doctors office when our son has had a particularly nasty illness. This makes us feel like the doctors really care for the health of our child. This practice also has an office in downtown Philadelphia, just on the Center City side of the Chestnut St Bridge, convenient to Penn and the Rittenhouse/ Graduate Hospital area. We have been happy with traditional care (including all vaccines on the regular schedule). I don’t know if this practice would be amenable to alternative vaccine schedules, or skipping vaccinations. Pros: Saturday hours, easy to get an appointment Cons: may be on the traditional side.
I have been taking my girls to Dr. King for 15 years. He has always been patient and kind with my children. When I was a new mom, I used to call him almost once a week. He took time to return my calls and put me at ease. We recently moved about an hour away and I still take my kids to him...he is worth the drive.
I’ve been taking my boys to Dr. King for 6 years now. I have never had a problem getting in to see him when the boys are sick. The office staff is extremely friendly and waiting room is very clean. Dr. King takes the time to explain everything very clearly. He will treat each child as their own person and doesn’t assume that because we went through something once that I remember all the details. I love that about him. I wish I could find a primary doctor as detailed-oriented as him! We love Dr. King.
My mom, my 6 year old nephew, and I had to go to the foot doctor! I sprained my ankle and at the same time my nephew hurt his foot. After visiting the emergency room and hobbling for a few days WHAT a relief it was to find good doctor. He wrapped my ankle in such a way that it felt 300% better. He also did the same for my nephew who apparently had a large piece of wood in his foot that caused severe swelling.
They went above and beyond.
This guy, and the rest of the people in his practice, are great. My brothers and I, and many of my friends, all saw him as kids. He is still around and very good at what he does. The doctors are not only nice, but seem very smart. They treat the kids and parents very well. I always loved going to the doctor as a kid, all because of this man.
I have been visiting Dr. Frank for a couple of years now. He treats my entire family. He is very jovial and eases the burden of being sick. He is great with kids and adults too. His staff is very helpful, and they always try to fit you in if you have an emergency. Great doctor overall.
Whenever I asked them for more information about anything, they were happy to take the time to give me as much information as I wanted. They made me feel like every question I had was important. Not only were they able to answer all of my questions about immunizations, they gave me a lot of information that I wasn’t aware of. I was amazed how much they knew. When comparing them to others that I have visited for the same condition, they were among the best I have seen.
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